Custom Steel Forms
Gates and Sons has an extensive steel fabrication shop. We manufacture a variety of items from pour in place steel forms, precast forms, rolled radius rails, custom hand rails, and many Gates stock items such as scaffold brackets, hand rails, column clamps claws, etc.

Pictured here is a unique custom steel column form for a job here in Colorado.
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Custom Steel
Gates and Sons steel fabrication shop Tapered rectangular column form Steel Column Form 20' long precast median barrier form 20' long precast median barrier form 10' long precast median form Stripping the 10' median barrier form Finished 10' median barrier product Tube Saw Tube Saw Steel form Steel Form Radius Steel Forms Radius Steel Forms Steel form for a combination median barrier and sound wall application. Close-up of median barrier/sound form Finished sound wall A poured in place leaning circular tapered colum form End view of the tapered circular column form Elliptical steel column form
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