Basics of Concrete

"Basics of Concrete" to Gates & Sons, means helping understand the nature of concrete and how to pour and handle concrete efficiently and safely.
1-Concrete Pressures show a visual of how concrete pressure compounds with the height of the pour. 150# at 1', 300# at 2', 450# at 3', etc.


Sq. Ft. per tie x 150# x height of pour = pressure per tie

example: 2'x2' tie pattern equal 4 sq. ft. per ties

4sq. ft. x 150 x 6' height of pour equals 3600#. This is the pressure of the bottom tie of a 6' lift of concrete with the ties on 2'x2' tie pattern.

-Pour Pressure Chart

-Slump Test Procedure
2-Water Column Test is a demonstration we like to use to prove that there is no more pressure on, for example, a 24" thick wall than a 6" think wall. Concrete acts as a fluid and seeks its own height. The demo is a 8" dia. column connected to a 1" dia. column. Conventional wisdom tells you that the water would come flowing out the of the 1" column. NOT SO.
3-Sounding Your Concrete is a 4 step visual to help understand the rate of pour in connection to the physical nature of the concrete in the previous lift of concrete on a monolithic pour.